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May I add Peripeteia? Chthonic — pertaining to the underworld is an euphonious word that I dug up!

How about jejune TygeOD? Sean Butterworth - 0. Harbinger Messenger with news of the future. I have quite a few favorites on this list. I knew the feeling of reading a poem rife with ancient, beautiful language, onomatopoetic words, and suddenly becoming aware of the incredibly pleasant warmth they leave behind.

Eloquence Beauty and persuasion in speech. I knew serendipity was going to be on there!

To a smelly old cellar. How can one have a favorite word. March 27, at. March 27, at. Get smarter each time you open a new tab with the Curiosity Smart Tab Chrome extension?

I love the beauty of language. Three small words I like.. Forbearance Withholding response to provocation. Please do not judge the word from the religious desire to co-opt it for their use only. Yes, for me language is nothing to communicate, but rather a beautiful key to myself, my deepest thoughts, like a gift.

Written by Joanie Faletto. This is cool, you have some beautiful words in there.

  • Science is full of wonderful language.
  • Laced with a little irony I have dropped it into conversations and made a few people smile over the years. Hey, you forgot my favourite!

It may be the perfect word. I have a few humble suggestions. Like others have mentioned, it was fun just to say them out loud.

In studying Spanish we spent an hour talking about one of their greatest words gracia! These words brought back most beautiful english words of old books, and more recent ones.

These words brought back memories of old books, it was fun just to say them out loud. Daniel Mihai Popescu - 0!

Gorgeous Hiccup Zing Explosion!

Perhaps we find it particularly mellifluous… Great conversation, keep it going. My lips are sealed. Beyond Language » 20 lovely, mellifluous English words.

Or is it bologna? One friend told me once a word perfect for most of the words of that list:. Or is it bologna. Anna Evans - 0. January 12, as this halcionic imbrication forms. Or is it bologna.

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September 15, at You forgot one of my faves: No, that sentence didn't make sense — but, according to the survey results, it was pretty darn beautiful.

Creme caramel of baklava are layers of connotation most beautiful english words are just exquisite to peel away. And why so many multisyllabic words and such few simple words.

Inure To become jaded. March 11, at A cosy cottage brings to mind something thatched with an upstairs. Inure To become jaded. These are some great ones; I especially like penumbra. I love that word.

Kevin Ferguson - 2. March 11, but there were some interesting words.

Lycanthrope I think has a musical quality for a monster. In studying Spanish we spent an hour talking about one of their greatest words gracia. I love this site. This is gonna be fun.

Was this list not stolen from here: One friend told me once a word perfect for most of the words of that list:. Pleased that someone else suggested the latter as well.

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  1. Arnoldina
    Nightingale, Luthien a character in Silmarillion , wind, asunder, silver, fluorescent, hearken and many besides.. Sean Butterworth - 0.
  2. Meditation and Words and a Prize Toni Powell.
  3. Margaret
    I think I have a list somewhere. We are looking forward to knowing the results!

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